Invaders Corruption

Invaders Corruption 1.2

A top-down arena shooter game with randomizable graphics and gameplay.
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Manuel van Dyck

Invaders: Corruption is a top-down arena shooter game with randomizable graphics and gameplay. Before starting a game, players specify a "core-seed" character string that determines the difficulty of play and the corresponding score multiplier, as well as various aspects of the arena's appearance.

While the graphics draw on the style of the original Space Invaders, Corruption's namesake, the gameplay itself is more like Asteroids. Enemies have different behaviors: some float aimlessly, others fragment when shot, and others seek out the player while actively dodging shots. Sometimes they'll drop a bonus when destroyed, which can slow down time, increase the rate of fire, stock the player up with an all-consuming bomb, or something else. There are more permutations of enemies and bonuses than could be listed, which is why randomizing the experience is so fun.

Invaders: Corruption comes with a local high score list and syncs with top scores online.

Sam's Protip: Clearing the screen momentarily without using a bomb is possible, and it will get you a hefty bonus. Coming close to a collision is also rewarded, but the potential loss of your only life means this may not be worth the risk.

Sam Lloyd
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  • Rewards for risky maneuvers add an element of challenge for skilled players
  • Difficulty-determined score multiplier means scores can be compared between different seeds


  • No multiplayer or campaign/achievement modes
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