Internationalization Tool

Internationalization Tool 1.0

Internationalize your Xcode Projects with over 80 languages automatically.
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Everdow Ltd.

Internationalization Tool generates the proper format localizable files for developers. In general, if developers want to internationalize their Apps, the first option is outsourcing the job to third-party translation company, but with over 80 languages internationalization, the cost will be very high and will encounter much difficulties. The second option is to translate them with the help of Google translate. The latter option is very cheap even without any cost, but the amount of job will become very harder and cost you many many days to complete. We are developers and understand the requirements of developers', so we developed the App to help speeding up the internationalization with Google Translate API. You only provide your mother language Localizable.strings file, the App will help you to complete over 80 languages translation, the process is automatic, and generate the Localizable.strings files in the Xcode name style folders, what you do is after the completion, copy the folders to your Xcode location to overwrite the original localization folders.
In order to internationalize all strings in your project, we highly recommended to localize your project all with Localizable.strings without any xib localizations. This kind of solution will have two advantages: 1. decrease the size of your App; 2. Take full advantage of the App to make translations automatically. Because the App uses Google Translate API in the name of your account, every time you use it to make translations, Google will charge you according to your translation amount, the charge is not related with us or Apple. It is a third-party paid service, we developed the App only to make the translation process simple and automatic.

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