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Instructo: Knowledge In An Instant.
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Instructo: Knowledge In An Instant.
Create bite-sized lessons or guides, called Instructo Docs, within minutes then share them with the world. Instructo Docs can then be viewed on the Instructo app for iOS.
Instructo Docs can be on anything: recipes, DIY, foreign language, yoga, elevator pitches…the list goes on!
Each Instructo Doc utilises slides, which each contain both video and text, to communicate short instructions or knowledge to users. This ensures they can focus on what really counts as well as reduce ambiguity.
Each slide's video must be of the MP4 format (.mp4) and can be up to 50mb size.
Now protect your Instructo Docs! Select "Protected: found via QR scan only" to ensure your docs can only be found by scanning a specially created QR code. These docs will not show via standard search, browse or by scanning barcodes.
With Instructo Desktop, you can allow users to search for your Instructo Docs in three ways:
- the classic text search: create an interesting and relevant title users can search with
- via QR codes: use this app to generate a QR code which can be scanned with Instructo for iOS
- via barcodes: have a product? Associate its barcode with an Instructo Doc! Next time someone scans your product with Instructo for iOS, your Instructo Doc will appear in the results.

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