Instaview 1.0

Instaview is a Mac OSX app to view Instagram photos.
1.0.4 (See all)

Instaview is all about viewing Instagram photos. Instagram is great, but having to pull your phone out of your pocket to check your Instagram feed can be tedious. Wouldn't it be great to keep up with your Instagram feed from your Mac? What about putting a window in the corner of your Mac and have it cycling through popular photos? You get all that and more with Instaview.

With Instaview you can view any of the following items in their own photo frame: your feed (Photos of those you are following), any user's photos, photos you've liked, popular photos, location based photos (i.e. Paris, New York, etc.), photos tagged with a hashtag (i.e. #beach).

Instagram is about community. Instaview allows you to participate in that community from your Mac. Mark photos as Liked and comment on photos. See who is following your friends, start following them too or just view their photos. Instaview makes it easy to navigate and interact within the Instagram community.

Instaview comes with a variety of photo frames allowing you to frame your Instagram photos however you'd like. From a simple white or black outline to a corkboard which shows the user, comment, timeframe and location of the photo.

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