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Instamac is a fun, elegant, and easy-to-use Instagram client for Mac.
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Instamac is a fun, elegant, and easy-to-use Instagram client for Mac. It offers classic single image scrolling view or a new "grid view", multitouch gesture support, easy image enlarging, and profile support: click a person's username and you're given an easy to read profile view which includes their bio, links their images, and a follow button.

Instamac allows you to set how often you want your feed to be updated with images from the people you follow. Search for friends or tags with ease and even save your searches to a convenient location within the sidebar. Easily view the most popular images, just like you would with Instagram for iPhone. Instamac loads the images you favorited to your account and allows you to view them all at once.

With Instamac, you can start a slideshow about...well, anything! For example, if your viewing images of a certain tag you've searched such as "waterfalls", you can start a slideshow to continuously display all the beautiful images of waterfalls on Instagram!

It also includes a setting that allows you to completely change the look and feel of Instamac to match your personality. Instamac supports all the notification settings you can imagine. From displaying a number badge on it's icon, to showing a message in Mountain Lion's notification center, you'll always know when a new image comes in.

Have multiple Instagram Accounts? Maybe you have one for personal and one for business use. Instamac supports that!.

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