InstallEase 1.3

Package creation tool with before and after snapshot technology.
1.3 (See all)

InstallEase's wizard driven package creation utility lets you create installer packages with minimal effort by walking you through the entire process. Its intuitive easy-to-use interface takes the confusion out of building custom software packages enabling you to spend your time on more critical management tasks. The best part of InstallEase is that it's free!
After InstallEase completes its task, use LANrev Client Management Suite to deploy the custom PKG or DMG software package you just created. InstallEase lets you control which files to install while LANrev's many software installation options and conditions let you fine-tune precisely when the package should install.
Key features include Automated "Before" and "After" Snapshots Build Packages Manually Install Files to the Current User's Home Folder Exclusion Filters Intuitive Graphical User Interface for Editing Changes Uninstaller PKGs Output to PKG, Iceberg Project, or DMG formats
What's new in this version:
Added ability to install files to all home directories on target machine.

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