Instalicious 1.1

View your Instagram feed and comment photos on your Mac.
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Said M. Marouf
View your Instagram feed, images, top images and photos you've liked on your Mac. The app is Retina ready and supports a rich gesture recognition interface. Download images to your Mac, search and save users and tags, write, edit, and remove your comments, and view likes and comments on photos. View pictures at specific locations, full size images and share them via Twitter.

Instalicious is the elegant way to experience Instagram on your Mac. With its clean interface you'll enjoy browsing your Instagram feed, photos, popular photos, photos you've liked, and more. Instalicious is Retina ready and supports a rich gesture based interface that allows you to easily maneuver within the app. A rich set of keyboard shortcuts is also supported. Looks amazing on Retina displays too.
Note: Uploading photos is not supported at the moment due to Instagram's limitations on 3rd party apps. You also need an Instagram account to be able to use Instalicious. You can create an account via Instagram's free iPhone app.
Features: Retina ready. View your feed, popular photos, photos you've posted, and photos you've liked. Video Support. View your profile and user profiles. View followers and friends too. Save photos to your Mac. Drag and drop support too. Search for users and tags (prefix with @ to search users only, # tags only). Save your favorite tags, users, and locations. Like and comment on photos. Delete your comments and moderate comments on your photos. View likes and comments on photos. View photos at specific locations. Share photos via Twitter (Mountain Lion only). View full photo size (press the Spacebar). View photos and their authors on Copy photo URL. Clickable hashtags and usernames within captions and comments. Full two finger gesture support (visit for a full set of gestures) Full keyboard navigation support (visit for a full set of shortcuts) Double click title bar to scroll to top. Notification center support (optional). Icon badge (optional). Pin to top on refresh (optional). Auto refresh support.

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