InsertPicture for PowerPoint 2011

Insert and and scale an entire folder's pictures into your PowerPoint slide show.
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5.0 See all
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InsertPicture add-in for PowerPoint 2011 has the following features: * Insert, scale, and add an entry animation to a picture. * Insert and scale an entire folder's pictures, one per slide, or pile the folder's pictures onto a single slide. * Shortcut to the Visual Basic Editor. * Shortcut to the Action Settings dialog. Select an object, then click this to display the Action Settings dialog. * Shortcuts all together in one place for these views: Normal, Slide Sorter, Notes Page, Slide Master, Handout Master, Notes Master. * Change the current slide layout to Blank layout. * Shortcut to display the AutoShapes toolbar, which has submenus that you can "tear off." Saves screen space compared to the Toolbox. * Pickup style and apply style buttons. You don't have to remember if you double-clicked or single clicked the Format Painter any more. * Shortcuts to playing your SlideShow, including playing your SlideShow in a Window, which you use for Broadcasting a slide show or recording a slide show with a screen capture program.



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