[info]Batcher Classic

[info]Batcher Classic 1.2

Batch file renamer & attribute changer
1.2 (See all)
Iceblink Software

[info]Batcher is an essential, time saving tool for any mac professional or home user who needs to handle large numbers of files. It has been designed for automatically changing various attributes of single files, all the files contained in a folder and can even apply the changes to folders inside folders to infinite depth.
Key Features:Change File Type and Creator Advanced file renaming Erase Custom Icons Change the Visibility and Locked status Change Labels Manipulate Comments Set Finder flags Subfolder scanning Advanced filter system Powerful Undo function Tag support for great flexibility Complete User's Guide
What's new in this version:
Old tag system replaced by our new, more powerful Icicle tag engine. Completely tag based renaming.Name conflict resolution features while renaming. This is a free upgrade to all registered [info]Batcher users.

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