iNetGet 2.3

iNetGet offers a simple solution to download media files from the Internet.
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iNetGet offers a simple solution to download media files from the Internet. The tool supports multi-thread download tasks so that you can save your favorite online files in a shorter amount of time for convenient offline playback.

The utility has a clean and user-friendly interface, which makes the application easy to manage. All download-related operations are represented by suggestively-named icons, placed on the toolbar for easy access. From the Preferences menu, however, you can customize sensitive issues for a personalized downloading experience – namely, you can determine the number of tasks to download at once and the number of treads to assign to a task per session. In addition, you can set the default computer location where to save your files – yet, the path folder can be changed easily with each completed download task. Furthermore, the program has the ability to resume automatically download processes that stopped unexpectedly. Using proxy servers is also supported. Yet, what is really admirable about this tool is its ability to control the download speed bandwidth – still, you can only use the presets provided by the app, as you aren't allowed to determine custom bandwidth limit values. Another feature that’s worth being mentioned is the smart organization of downloaded files – therefore, the utility offers to structure the downloads into finished, unfinished, and recycled. Furthermore, the completed download tasks are structured by file type so that you can find the desired file easier.

To conclude, iNetGet provides versatile downloading options. It allows you to enable multiple download tasks at once, control the download speed, resume the download processes, and sniff videos automatically from popular media sharing sites.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Can control the number of active tasks
  • Resumes automatically the tasks that stopped unexpectedly
  • Completed downloads organized by file type
  • Bandwidth limiter


  • Can't schedule downloads
  • Can't determine custom bandwidth limit values
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