InerziaTimer 2.2

Small and easy to use countdown, chronometer and alarm clock app.
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InerziaTimer is a small and easy to use application that can help you to measure time intervals. Its streamlined graphical user interface is not-intrusive and shows its powerful features at-a-glance. InerziaTimer offers three different sections: - Countdown Set a time interval, using either the keyboard or the knobs, and click Start. Pause and Restart are also available. You can also customize which actions should be executed at the end of the countdown. InerziaTimer supports the following actions: play a sound (and optionally repeat it with a customized volume), speak a sentence (using system default voice), show a dialog and open a file or an application. - Chronometer Just click Start to measure time intervals and Lap times at the selected precision. The application automatically calculate the Lap average and you can also record the Lap list in a text file. Pause and Restart are also available. There is also a special feature where you can measure a time interval and then set the countdown to the same time length, without the need to input it by hand. - Alarm Clock Select a future date and click Set. InerziaTimer will wake you up at the specified date. The Alarm Clock uses the same options as the Countdown. While the Alarm Clock is running, you can still use the Countdown and the Chronometer sections. While the Countdown is limited to a 24 hours interval, the Alarm Clock can be set to whichever date in the future. Any count is active only when InerziaTimer is running. If you quit, any alarm or count will quit with it. InerziaTimer was designed to be a good Mac citizen, with a small sized interface and a small memory footprint: you can leave it running in the background with no influence on system performances.
What's new in this version:
Improvements: InerziaTimer is now a sandboxed application. The application icon is now optimized for Retina display. Overall stability. Bugs Fixed: Small stability bugs.

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