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Jul 6, 2013
May 9, 2012
Editorial review
May 3, 2011

What's new

Thank you for using InerziaIcon! Today, we have something very big for you: a brand new version of InerziaIcon, rebuilt from the ground to take advantage of the latest technologies and deliver an even more powerful experience for all your icons. We also added support for vector formats (such as SVG and PDF files) and we rethought our export screen to support multiple sizes at the same time, including useful presets to choose from.
This new version also marks a new business model for InerziaIcon: the app is now free to use, but there are some additional features that you can purchase with a one-time In-App Purchase. If you purchased InerziaIcon in the past: thank you! Your purchase allowed us to build this new version of InerziaIcon. So, to further demonstrate how grateful we are, all of these paid features are available for you completely free of charge.
Continue reading for the full list of changes:
New Features
• Added support for storing, managing, sorting and exporting SVG and PDF files.
• SVG files can also be colored automatically based on the system appearance.
• Brand new export screen with support for multiple sizes and formats at once.
• Brand new Apply screen to easily customize files, folders and apps on your computer.
• New Icon inspector with built-in grid view and ability to change the background color.
• Brand new UI optimized for the latest versions of macOS.
• Support for Dark Mode has been rewritten from the ground.
• The Icons view is now faster, easier to use.
• Improved support for right-clicking on various items on the screen.
• The Icon Inspector has been rewritten from scratch.
• Operations running in the background now don't block the UI.
• InerziaIcon now runs natively on Apple Silicon.
Bugs Fixed
• Fixed an issue that could cause ICNS files to be exported incorrectly (i.e. with a wrong size or with a wrong color profile).
• Other minor bugs and issues.

v3.1 [Jul 6, 2013]
New Features:
• The New Icon window now offers a view for the Retina icon
• It's now possible to restore the last version of an icon with one click
• The Export function now fully supports Retina Display icons
• You can now Edit Retina Display icons correctly
• The Icons Count field now displays the number of selected icons
• Export function for standard icons is now twice faster
• Overall improvements for the New Icon function
• Overall improvements for printing
• The application startup is now faster
Bugs Fixes:
• Fixed a bug while managing Retina display icons with non-standard size
• Fixed a bug that was preventing some effects from being applied to Retina display icons
• Fixed a bug that allowed to open the Edit mode with more than one icon selected
• Fixed an issue while restoring older versions

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