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The best part of Indigo Database Report is that it is has cross referencing.
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So here you are. A happy Indigo user with a database filled with devices, triggers, action groups and more.
You started small with a couple of devices, knowing all ins and outs about the way Indigo uses them in triggers and action groups.
But then you get really cought by the X10 and INSTEON virus and you find yourself adding more and more devices to your house. And to Indigo.
That's when you realize it's difficult to remember what you've entered in Indigo and how it's used.

That problem is solved with Indigo Database Report.
Indigo Database Report gives you a complete report with every little detail about your Indigo configuration. It reads the Indigo database and translates it into a readable form. The output is presented in your default browser, where you can browse through all the details.
It contains a table of contents so you can easily navigate to the item you want to see.

You can get a printed copy of your report which gives a complete view of your entire database.

The best part of Indigo Database Report is that it is has cross referencing.
This means that when you view the details of a device, you also see where this device is used. So no more searching throug all those triggers or actions groups.
Now your info is just one click away!

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