Impression 3.3

Add and customize digital image watermarks.

Place watermarks at any area on an image. Automatically or manually resize the visual element to it with the original content, adjust the transparency and overall visibility, apply the same settings to multiple files in a batch mode, etc. Change opacity, color, and other parameters.

Adds high-quality watermarks to your photos.
The original files are not altered. The watermarked photos are automatically imported in iPhoto as copies of the original image.
Multiple photos can be watermarked with one click.
Existing PSD (Photoshop) or PNG images can be used as watermarks.
Watermarks can also be created from a RTF text file. The font and color from the file is used for generating the watermark.
The Impression plugin can place watermarks horizontally and vertically.
Controls are available for adjusting the transparency, position, margin and size.

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