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Easily upload your personal pictures to the Imgur website.
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img.urls is a simple Mac program that provides you with a quick and easy way to upload new content on imgur website. The application is very simple to handle, supports drag-and-drop actions, and keeps a log containing info regarding your recent uploads.

This utility also comes with an integrated tool for capturing screen content. You can take snapshots of your entire desktop or just an area of your screen. The application informs you as soon as the screenshot is uploaded to the imgur website.

A great thing is that you can upload your images anonymously. You can also log into your imgur account if needed.

Furthermore, this version has various bug fixes and introduces compatibility with the latest Mac OS X version: Sierra.

Two things I'd change about this app: add an ability to define global hotkeys for taking various types of screenshots (fullscreen, timed, a certain area, etc.) and include support for image formats like PSD and TIFF.

Still, img.urls proves to be a smart addition to your collection of Mac programs if you're the kind of user who spends a lot of time on imgur website and wishes to easily share pictures.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Supports drag-and-drop actions
  • Helps you take snapshots
  • Keeps track of the photos you shared


  • Lacks an option to define global hotkeys for taking different types of screenshots
  • Doesn't offer you support for formats like PSD and TIFF
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