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Free iMelody Lite is a game that can teach you the basics of playing the piano.
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iMelody Lite is a game that can teach you the basics of playing the piano. The game consists of multiple lessons of varying difficulty, in which you have to press the keys in a given order and timing to match what the level ask you to do. The first few levels are simple, and you have to complete the easy, medium and hard difficulties for each level to be able to play the next lesson.

The first lesson can be completed by pressing the keys with your mouse or the keyboard and holding them for the duration required. This isn't hard at all. I got stuck on the next difficulty, because I didn't know what the application expected me to do. I saw notes flying from right to left, but when I pressed the keys on my keyboard nothing happened. I soon figured out I had to go a few notes up by using the up arrow, but it would have been nice of the application to give me a hint after seeing me fail so many times. And that is my only complaint about this game. It is nice and it has lots of potential, but the developers have to take some time to figure out a better system to let the user know what he has to do.

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  • Great concept
  • It sounds good


  • It is hard to know what the app expects you to do



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