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iMDeduper will allow you to quikly remove duplicate songs from iTunes.
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iMDeduper is a duplicate music finder and remover tool. iMDeduper will allow you to quickly scan your iTunes library for duplicate songs and easily remove them. iTunes is pretty poor in the department of removing duplicate songs since you have to select them one by one and also sorting your library is limited (title, artist and year). iMDeduper will enable you to adjust the search criteria for finding duplicates by its name, artist, album or length (duration). Furthermore, you will also benefit from the "Auto Mark" feature that will allow you to find songs with the same bitrate, time, size, rating, play count, date added or even artwork that will be automatically selected so you may easily remove them.

The strong point of iMDeduper seems to be the "Mark except one" feature that will automatically select and remove all duplicates songs except one song, therefore, it will quickly clean your iTunes library. I was pretty disappointed that iMDeduper doesn't scan your entire system for duplicate songs and it is limited only on iTunes. Moreover, I've tried to add other songs to iTunes and Music folder but they weren't added to the iMDeduper duplicate scan. This limitation is quite troublesome since not all users take their music from iTunes store.

Briefly speaking, iMDeduper is a great tool for quickly finding and removing duplicate songs from your iTunes library. iMDeduper will allow you to easily define the search criteria and will automatically mark and remove the duplicate files that fit the preset description. But I'm pretty disappointed that such an easy-to-use tool is limed only to scanning iTunes since it would much more useful if it would be able to scan the entire system.

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  • Allows you to adjust the search criteria
  • Intuitive interface
  • Automatically remove duplicate files


  • Doesn't allow you to scan the entire system
  • Doesn't allow you to add other audio file in the Music folder


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