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Batch Image To PDF - An image to PDF converter 4.4

Want to batch convert images to PDF format?
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Want to batch convert images to PDF format? Want an handy PDF album maker? this App is what you need!
PDF file format is a popular file format on all OS platform, there are huge number of PDF viewers for your choice on all platforms, including MAC OSX, iPhone/iPad, Android, PC and etc. It is much better to package images into PDF album than achieve them in zip files, because you can view images in PDF album directly without having to unzip it at first.
1. Batch convert images to PDF file, and support to protect PDF files with password.
2. Support file/folder drag&drop and read all images in folders automatically, Support image preview. Support open images and folder in Finder.
3. Support to batch resize images.
4. Support to re-order of the pictures in PDF album freely.
5. Support to set PDF album front and back cover.
6. Support to limit PDF file size and support to limit image number in eash PDF album file.
7. MAC OSX sandbox enabled, ensure having no any influence to your system.
**********USER FAQ***************
1. How can I convert images to PDF?
A: 1) Drag images or folders contain image to app
2) Click "Convert PDF" in toolbar
3) Selecte folder to store PDF files
4) Click "Start Convert" button
2. Why nothing happened when I clicked "Start Convert" button? and there is no PDF file created?
A: Please check if you've selected a folder to save PDF file, and make sure you have the permission to write to the folder.
3. How to set PDF file cover?
A: Drag&drop image to front/back cover placeholder when converting PDF file.
4. How to delete PDF file cover?
A: Delete front/back cover by selecting each of them and press "delete" key.
5. How to keep image size when convert to PDF?
A: In PDF convert setting page, set the width/height to 0 or set the "resize percent" to 100%.
6. How to reorder the images?
A: There are 3 way to reorder images:
1) click the table column header to reorder the images.
2) Select the images you want to reorder in file list or in thumbnail list, click left arrow or right arrow button in the first segment controller of the toolbar.
3) Select the images in thumbnail list, and drag them to the destination position.

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