DHTImageFinder AS 1.5

Collect Illustrator links and manage data.
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Optimize the workflow of Adobe Illustrator and handle linked data. Collect the links associated with a project and check out all related information, including file name, file path, creation date, modification date, file size and type, creator, production version, number of layers, etc.

You can collect Adobe® Illustrator® link files easily.
You can find detailed information.
for Professional.
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Illustrator files detailed information.
+File name
+File Path
+Creation Date
+modification date
+File Size
+File Type
+Production Version
+Saved version
+Output Resolution
+Number of layers
+Author Affiliation
+Using color
Image link files detailed information.
+Image File name
+Color space
+File Size
+File Path
Font Infomation.
+Font name
+Composite fonts
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