Image2Web 1.0

Image2Web gives you the most control over making a website from images
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Image2Web gives you the most control over making a website from images of any program. You open up the images, add titles, etc, move them around, select many options for the output. Then hit generate and you have an index and image pages ready to be uploaded to the web.

Main Features:
- Directly import jpeg, tiff, gif and pict - no conversion needed.
- In the index page, select the number of images per row, or use a variable number per row (e.g. one image of the first line, four on the next, etc).
- For both index and image pages, you select the display dimensions - same height, same width, % of original, or independent. Very helpful when using images from different sources (camera, scanner, film scanner) which can have different image dimensions.
- Allows captions and comments for each pictures.
- Holds and/or displays metadata for your pictures (date, location, camera, lens, etc)
- Pulls data from digital camera's embedded info (from the EXIF data structure) and loads it to the metadata.
- Rotate and/or flip images
- Embeds captions, comments, and metadata into the image so it can be reused if the image is used in a different website.
- Allows bulk loading of metadata, either by all, blank fields or selected images. Makes for adding info to your images a snap.
- Burn borders and/or copyright into your images.
- MAX SIZE - you can compress using the typical 1 to 100% compression. Or you can specify a maximum filesize (50 kb) for both the thumbnails or the main images.

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