iLocalize 4.3

Perform incremental localization processes.
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Localize your programs, folders, and frameworks. Edit nib, xib, strings, plist, text, rtf, and html files, use glossaries to boost the translation process, and apply the preset or your own filters to view the project from various angles. Use standard formats like TMX and XLIFF to export and import strings to third-party software.

iLocalize is a powerful and intuitive application designed to help developers localize their applications. iLocalize handles multiple languages in the same project, offers custom glossaries and has powerful features to help incremental localization. Simply stated: save a lot of time when localizing your application with iLocalize!
The following features make iLocalize the best localization tool for bundled application: Very easy to use interface Powerful features to speed up the translation Robust incremental localization features Supports multiple languages in the same project Extensive support of glossaries Unicode support And iLocalize is available in several languages
What's new in this version:
Beta version (English only). All XIBs use auto-layout. Some code modernization.

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