iLabel for Mac OS Classic 1.7

automates repetitive printing tasks like cards and labels
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iLabel is the perfect application for all your repetitive printing tasks. It can for example be used to design and print business cards, using the integrated drawing module or by importing your work from another application (QuickTime is used for graphic importing, so iLabel supports many different formats such as Pict, Gif, Jpeg, Tiff, Photoshop). iLabel was also mainly designed to easily produce mailing labels. It allows you to import a tabulated text files, and then to select the records and fields you need. iLabel allows you to save et reopen your favorite layouts for repetitive printings, features an accurate printing preview, and an outstanding user interface to let you create easily and accurately your page layouts. Thanks to iLabel, you will no longer have to waste time and money trying to make your content fit in your labels.



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