IFX-Supreme 1.0

Drag & Drop Photo Transformation * Create Unique Effects IFX-Supreme is three
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Drag & Drop Photo Transformation * Create Unique Effects
IFX-Supreme is three products in one:
• An easy-to-use editor that instantly transforms your photos by applying filters from our large library and easy-to-use photo effects
• A sophisticated filter “factory” that lets you create and share amazing transformations by combining filters and effects in unlimited ways
• A free library of user-created filters that you can download and use as they are, or modify and incorporate into filters you create
Take your photos into a vast new creative dimension with IFX-Supreme. Our easy-to-use filters and effects let you instantly change your photos from ho-hum to Wow! And our filter making tools give you the power to create your own custom effects only limited by your imagination.
Drag & Drop Filters transform your photos
• Turn a current photo old with sepia tones
• Create the illusion of depth with embossing
• Sharpen, blur, increase or decrease contrast
• Automatically correct over and under exposure and color
• Create ripples, pinch, pull, polarize, and many other effects
Easy-to-use effects make your photos memorable
• Change your photo into a copper engraving or pencil drawing
• Pixelate your photo or make it look like a kaleidoscope image
• Turn your photo from color to black & white, sepia, or mélange of colors
• Change the edges of your photo into a glass frame, notched, or diffuse colors
Create your own original filters to get just the effect you want. Our powerful tools give you virtually unlimited freedom to combine, blend and save filters and effects into new filter designs.
• Node-based system lets you freely combine filters and effects by placing them on a grid like building blocks – no scripting, no programming
• Real-time preview lets you see the effect of changes as you go
• On-the-fly blending and opacity control make it easy to mix effects
• Key-frame based timeline lets you animate an effect node-by-node and save each stage as an image, so you can show how you morph from the original to your finished product
• Integrated image browser lets you quickly test filters and effects on your photos before applying them
Saving & Sharing
Save your edited photos in a variety of standard formats and share them with friends and family. Use your images with
• iPhoto, Photoshop, Facebook, Flickr, Pinterest
• Your website
• Email to friends and family
Upload your finished filters to the BrainDistrict database to share with others in the IFX-Supreme community.

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