iFunia MOV Converter

iFunia MOV Converter 2.9

It lets you convert MOV files to other formats and videos to MOV.
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iFunia MOV Converter is a nice app that can be used to convert your MOV files to other formats, and videos encoded using other codecs into MOV. When you launch the application, you will see a small window that asks you whether you want to convert from or to MOV. Although this adds an extra step for the user, it is a nice measure to prevent the converter from being used for other operations that don't involve conversion from or to MOV. Other developers don't use restrictions like this one, and all their converters end up being almost identical, regardless of whether they are MOV, AVI or MP4 converters. In the launcher, if you select converting files from MOV to other formats, the only accepted input format will be MOV.

You can add files to your conversion queue by clicking the "Add" button or by dragging and dropping them onto the window. After your files are loaded, you can select a different conversion profile for each one of them. The profiles are located at the bottom of the screen, on a drop-down menu. When you choose to convert MOV to other formats, you will find a long list of conversion profiles for a variety of devices. These conversion profiles are pre-configured conversion settings, and you can change those individual settings by clicking on the wheel next to the audio quality selection drop-down menu.

iFunia MOV Converter comes with a basic video editor that lets you trim and crop your videos, add watermarks and adjust some of the video's properties.

In short, iFunia MOV Converter is a nice video converter, which sports a simple and original user interface. Performance-wise, it is an average converter, but I give it extra points for originality.

José Fernández
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  • Video editor
  • Good number of conversion profiles


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