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iFinance can help you keep your budget under control.
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iFinance can help you keep your budget under control. It tracks your income and spending habits; and you can organize and view your data the way you want - by assigning your expenses to categories and creating visual graphs. You can add your own goals and iFinance will help you achieve them. Of course, most of the work will be done by you, but iFinance is a good tool to help you see what financial endeavors you can or cannot pursue in your life.

The program's size is nearly 50 megabytes. The installation is very simple; the first run, however, is not. During your first run of the program, you will need to either import or create your own financial database for the program. Since I do not use any external budget planning tools but the old, pencil-and-paper (occasionally Excel file) one, I had nothing to import and I created a new database.

The new database is not empty, so you have some examples of how some financial items should look like inside the program. I toyed around with this program for quite some time, trying to figure out, in particular, how the developers were handling the panacea of the modern world - credit cards. I did not figure out how to set the balance of a card and then set the payment that would decrease the balance, while showing me the principal and the interest charge. I guess you need a specific program designed to handle credit cards only for that.

Overall, the program is ok. It does help you to visualize your income and spending. The program can always be with you if you use iDevice, so you know exactly how much you can spend at any time.

Joshua Wrightwood
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  • Synchronization with iDevices


  • Complicated GUI: you need to get used to the program to take advantage of it
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