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It allows you to save videos to your hard disk for offline enjoyment.
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iDownloader is intended not only to help you manage your download jobs but also speed up them. The app has a neat minimalist interface, so it is unlikely that you have any difficulties using it, mostly if you have used other download managers before. It supports managing download jobs in batches and you can filter them according to their file types.

It is excellent that this tool lets you create new download jobs quite easily. In this respect, you just need to provide the URL to the content you want to transfer. Luckily, you do not need to enter the download link manually as the app integrates perfectly with various web browsers via extensions. Another possibility is by dragging and dropping a link onto its window. For each new download, you can specify a target folder and the number of segments as well as provide authentication data in case the server requires it.

Like many modern download managers, this one can speed up the transfers by using various download threads. Similarly, it supports resuming a paused download, provided the server allows it. In addition, you can schedule transfer activity to automatically take place at the most suitable hours.

All in all, iDownload is quite good as a general-purpose downloader. However, there are a few features it does not come with. For instance, it cannot strip a media file real URL. Neither can it manage torrents. Luckily, this product can be downloaded for free from the Mac Store. However, there is an in-app purchase that allows breaking a downloading file into up to 15 segments.

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  • Supports authenticating at the target server
  • Various ways to create a new download
  • Integrates with various web browsers
  • Multi-threaded downloads
  • Supports resuming paused downloads
  • Allows filtering by file types


  • Cannot strip media URLs
  • Does not support torrents



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