iDoctor 2.0

It?s like having your own, personal Apple-Certified Support Pro
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Kovell Ventures Ltd.

iDoctor equips Mac users with 15 cleaning and optimization tools to make their working on Mac easy and simply.
With iDoctor?s help you can also manage, encrypt, backup, recover or shred files with just a couple of mouse clicks. Thus, the Data Encryptor makes it possible to hide and protect sensitive data using a password.

What is more, iDoctor helps you scan your Mac?s hard drive in order to reveal large files that you might not need anymore. In addition, the Duplicates Finder enables you to get rid of duplicate files while the Fast Cleanup feature finds and removes junk files.

On top of that, iDoctor?s Anti-Theft feature enables you to track your Mac and take snapshots of the thief using your Mac?s built-in webcam in case your computer gets stolen.

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