iDentify 2

Add custom tags to iTunes-compatible videos.
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Tag videos accessible in your iTunes library. Automatically detect the names of all files and tracks, then generate custom tags based on the filename structures. Analyze and correct the resulting data assigned to individual videos, be it a TV show episode or a movie.

For use with iTunes compatible video files, iDentify looks at the names of the files you give it. Based on the structure of the file name, it attempts to determine wether the file is a TV Show or movie, also collecting season number, episode number, episode title, year, and IMDB code when provided in the file name. Using that information, it then goes online and searches the for information on that TV show, or for movies, and tagChimp to fill in anything that was missing from the first two sources. From those sites, it collects as much information as possible, such as description, cast, crew, MPAA rating, artwork, chapter names, and it looks at the dimensions of the video so it can automatically mark the video as HD. It also supports setting the cnID flag so you can merge your sd and hd videos into a single entry in iTunes. After the information is collected, you then review and tweak the information (if you like, but usually not necessary), and click the process files button to write the tags into the file.
What's new in this version:
- Fixes TVDB lookup issues
- Removes tagChimp support in the wake of their closing.


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