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Ideal Mac DVD Ripper is a fast video conversion tool.
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Ideal Mac DVD Ripper is a video conversion tool that lets you convert your DVD movies so that you can play them on a variety of other devices. You can load movies from a DVD disc itself or from a folder on your Mac. Once loaded, you will see a list of all the DVD titles that make up your movie. The application automatically selects the longest DVD title, which is the one that usually includes the main movie file. At the bottom of the screen, you will find the profiles drop-down menu. Here, you will find a list of conversion profiles for a variety of devices, including the AppleTV, iPhone 4, iPad, iPod Touch, Kindle Fire, and some Blackberry, Motorola and Nokia phones.

You can select the audio track and subtitle language that you want to use for each DVD title, if available. In the case of subtitles, if you choose a subtitle track, it will be hard-coded on your video, which means that it will be available on any device, regardless of whether or not the device supports subtitles. You won't be able to disable subtitles, though. You can also trim each DVD title if you want by entering the start and end times manually.

In my testing, I had mixed results with this app. The first time that I loaded a DVD disc, the app crashed. Then, after loading a movie, no titles were displayed at all. The third time that I tried, the movie was loaded just fine and I could rip it successfully. I chose the AppleTV profile and a subtitle track and everything went smoothly. I was surprised at how fast the application ripped the title that I selected.

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  • Fast
  • Nice interface
  • Subtitles look good
  • Trimmer


  • It crashed once and one time it didn't display any DVD titles
  • No video editor



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