Ideal Solitaire

Ideal Solitaire 1.1

Ideal Solitaire gives you access to a wide range of Solitaire games.

Ideal Solitaire is an exciting application that brings you dozens of challenging Solitaire games to put your card skills to the test in a race against time; no matter the type of game you opt for, the program will give you access to useful information, such as scoring, rules and ways to win each game.

Its interface is easy-to-use and interactive, designed for any type of user; you will be able to change the application's appearance by opting for another background image, changing the deck's design, and etc.

The program comes with dozens of Solitaire games to choose from and gives you the opportunity to test your Solitaire skills by solving challenging layouts as fast as you can; mainly, your final score will depend on the amount of cards you manage to put back on their deck and your time spent managing the cards.

Once you completed solving the given layout, you can enter your name and your score will appear on the high list if you complete game faster and more efficiently than the previously played layouts.

A relevant disadvantage of using this application is the fact that you won't be able to save your progress and all data will be lost in case you close the program by mistake or due the system restart.

All in all, Ideal Solitaire gives you access to a wide range of Solitaire games to play in a challenging race against time.

Ashley Griggs
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Review summary


  • Simple and interactive interface
  • Dozens of Solitaire games
  • Gives you access to the rules for each type of game
  • Able to Undo moves


  • Unable to save gameplay progress
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