iCyclo 1.2

View and manage NDS and GBA games on both DS and Mac.
1.2.3 (See all)
Brian Dorfman

iCyclo is a CycloDS manager for Mac OS X.
Main Features:
- Auto-detect attached microSD cards setup for CycloDS
- Edit CycloDS settings, such as brightness level and view options
- View and manage NDS and GBA games on both DS and Mac
- Set games’ file icons in Finder to be the same as their internal DS icon
- View menu skins on both DS and Mac, and copy between them.
- Easily change skin names and text colors.
- Download skins directly from NDSThemes.com
- Backup save and RTS files to computer
- Match backed up saves to games, even after file name changes.
- Write comments for backed up saves to help you remember what they are later.
- Automatically download latest CycloDS cheat file from GBATemp.net
- Safely trim NDS ROM files.
- Automatic notifications of new iCyclo versions.
- Compatible with all CycloDS firmware versions.

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