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iCopy is a system utility that keeps track of what you put in your clipboard.
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iCopy is a system utility that keeps track of what you put in your clipboard. For those of you who don't know what the clipboard is, it is a feature of modern operating systems that lets you copy texts, images, or files temporarily so that you can paste them somewhere else. Moreover, you can copy a text to duplicate it, or cut to move it somewhere else. When you do something like that, the text is put into the clipboard. The problem with the stock clipboard is that when you copy something for a second time, the first copied text is gone. iCopy is a clipboard management tool that keeps a record of everything that you copy, no matter how long, and lets you paste it again, regardless of when you copied it. The app runs on the menubar, from where you can access its menu. This menu shows the most recent pieces of the text that you put in the clipboard. If you click on any of the text strings, it will be pasted where your cursor is active. This can be changed from the Preferences window. It is called 1-click paste.

There are a few interesting features that you can enable in iCopy. The one that caught my attention was "Capture Mouse Drags". If you use your mouse to move files or text, the application can recognize that and capture those files or texts. Another nice feature is that you can set the number of clips to be captured by the application. The default value is 100.

In conclusion, iCopy is a nice utility that can be of use to people who deal with texts a lot. With iCopy running, you know that everything that you copied will be recoverable in case of an application crash or file loss.

José Fernández
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