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iCoolsoft Flash Converter for Mac 5.0

iCoolsoft Flash Converter for Mac is a general-purpose video converter.
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iCoolsoft Flash Converter for Mac is a general-purpose video converter. It is marketed towards users who need to convert video files to the FLV (Flash) and SWF formats. These are often used in websites to stream video or for animations. The application, however, does not come with any features specifically designed for those formats. And it doesn't restrict your input or output files to those formats either. The converter lets you open pretty much any modern video and audio file and the output format support is excellent. There are also tons of conversion profiles for devices that have nothing to do with the FLV or SWF formats. That is why I consider this converter to be a "general-purpose" converter.

iCoolsoft Flash Converter for Mac has all the basic features that I am used to seeing in commercial video converter. There is a functional video player that can tackle video playback of SD files quite well, but it struggles a bit with HD files. You can also find a nice video editor that lets you trim and crop your videos, and adjust some of their properties like brightness, contrast and saturation, and it can even add watermarks to your videos.

In my testing, I converted an H.264 file to FLV (Flash). The conversion process was quick, and the resulting file looked good. By default, the app reduces the resolution of your videos when you convert to FLV to 320x240, but you can go all the way up to 720x576.

José Fernández
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  • Great format support
  • Nice interface
  • Video editor and player


  • No specific features for Flash conversion
  • The video player struggles a bit to play HD files smoothly
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