IconFly 3.3

It helps you create various types of icons from ordinary images.
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IconFly offers a simple solution to create various types of icons from ordinary images. Therefore, the tool has the ability to generate icons for Mac OS X and iOS devices, as well as for Apple Watch and Web use.

The dark-grey colored appearance confers a modern look to the program's interface. The utility comes with multiple icon profiles organized into four clearly-defined modules. All you need to do is drop the image into the application, select the platform for which you want to create your icon, and choose the desired profile to apply to the brand new icon. Optionally, the end of the icon generation process may be confirmed by a sound you selected from a list of sound effect profiles. Furthermore, you can change the classic square-like appearance of the icon image into a round-cornered one, or you can choose a mask pattern to create icons of different shapes.

To conclude, IconFly is a handy icon generator that helps you create file and folder icons suitable for OS X, iOS, Apple Watch, and the Web. It comes with both standard and quick icon generation modes so that you can generate either elaborate or simple icon-like items.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • QuickIcon option for making icons in one click
  • Supports multiple platforms
  • Can create round-cornered icons
  • Mask patterns for generating icons of different shapes


  • Can't crop the image in order to create the icon only from a specific area
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