iCondubber 2.13

Definitive OS X icon/theme manager. Preview, edit, and customize any icon in your system.
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Frederic Bontemps
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IconDubber is the definitive OS X icon/theme manager. Preview, edit, and customize any icon in your system. All system icons are loaded by default -- even the Trash and the Dock -- so you can customize them... without even knowing where they really are on your filesystem! iCondubber takes care of permissions of your system files, and you don't have to reboot. You don't even have to log-out to get the changes to take effect!
Did you find an iContainer somewhere? No worries: iCondubber can unpack it so you can extract its icons wherever you want.
Good-bye, "Get Info": with iCondubber you can apply any icon (even outside iCondubber!) to any file/folder/volume as a custom icon for it (AKA "Finder icon").
iCondubber theme documents are open: you can browse them with the Finder.
Smart (=incrementally) install/restore ALL your icons with a single click: if you have many icons, it gets much faster to install/restore the latest ones.
Main Features ? well-integrated UI very easy to use interface Retina icons (up to 1024x1024 px) QuickLook in-place editing, on-the-fly support for (almost) ANY icon in the system system icons loaded by default support for rsrc files replacing support for artfiles theming trash theming 2D/3D dock switcher 2D/3D dock theming (with auto-style) SMART INSTALL + SMART RESTORE user-defined previews import/export themes open format for theme documents (perfect with Time Machine) "mixing" feature built-in thumbnails generation for files and folders support for embedded icons support for iContainers preview icons right in the Dock icons conversion icons syncing icns splitting annotations



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