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It is a handy application that prevents your computer from going to sleep.
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iCanSleep is a handy application that prevents your computer from going to sleep. The tool allows you to customize the time periods for your system's sleep. In addition, it comes with a smart feature related to monitoring the activity of a specific folder.

The application installs as a small icon placed on your Mac's status bar. The program doesn't have an interface – instead, you have access to the context menu, which lets you enable easily specific tasks related to computer sleep. Namely, you may select a specific time interval during which your computer will stay awake – once the time is over, the normal sleep schedule is reinstated automatically. You can either choose one of the temporal presets or select custom periods for the waking moments of your system. Besides the classic computer sleep scheduling, the utility provides a very useful feature, which, once enabled, won't let the system go to sleep if activities are detected in a specific folder. Therefore, you can either keep the computer awake as long as folder activity is reported, or you may set a custom time interval, which, once exceeded, will send your system to sleep, even if the folder tasks are still running.

In short, iCanSleep lets you control the sleeping moments of your Mac computer. The ability to watch for folder activity in order not to put your computer to sleep while important and long lasting tasks are running is of great help.

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  • Folder activity watch
  • Controls computer sleep
  • Can set custom settings to prevent sleeping periods
  • Advanced customization of your system's sleeping periods


  • Can't watch multiple folders
  • No help



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