iCalamus 2.20

Desktop publishing solution that allows you to create documents with text, photos, and other visual elements.

iCalamus is a handy tool for creating DTP files and is developed by Invers Software. The application provides a wide variety of predefined page layouts that can be used in order to create more attractive publications such as newspapers, books, magazines and other. The tool comes with support for all text and image formats that are supported by the Mac OS itself, giving it a large applicability. It also provides very efficient tools for aligning texts and objects, and provides a high customizable menu, which allows the users to add and remove buttons from the main interface. Also, the users are allowed to choose the measurement units, from meters to inches. The autosave function can be enabled in order to protect the projects to lose information when errors or power outages might occur. iCalamus proves to be different from other products of its kind, as it allows the users to load pictures that will be automatically resized to specific dimensions set by them.

Briefly, iCalamus is an easy-to-use tool for created printed materials using some predefined layouts; it comes with great support for picture files and is highly customizable.

Dave Hattey
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  • Easy-to-use menu
  • Highly customizable
  • High applicability


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