iBoostUp 2.9

A set of utilities to clear your caches and system logs, to optimize hard drive.
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iBoostUp is a freeware set of utilities capable of helping you to speed up your system by removing old or unwanted cookies and system logs and reports. It can also optimize your network and your hard drive(s).

The application's interface is very clean and easy to understand. The main window displays your system's information - the processor, RAM memory, and your hard drive, and gives you three options: to clean the logs, optimize network and hard drive. By selecting the link next to the option, the program will automatically clean caches of your browser and your system.

By using this program, the users will be confident that they are not hoarding up their hard drive with useless information, such as crash reports or outdated browser cookies and their system is free of that garbage. However, this program is not looking for orphaned files or rebuilds icons for your programs or this sort of advanced system repair. This is a free utility to perform light maintenance of your system - just to make sure it is free of useless stuff, nothing more. The app deserves its 5 stars from me for 1) being free of charge, 2) for making everything it can automatically, and 3) for being quite safe as by deleting logs and old cookies you won't harm your system that badly.

Joshua Wrightwood
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  • Absolutely free (including free of ads)
  • Semi-automatic system clean-up


  • Low probability that using this program will make your system faster and more responsive
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