iBible 2.6

It is a good Bible program for Mac OSX.
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Yes, I'm that Leif Wright. About five or six years ago, there were no good Bible programs for Mac OSX; at least there were none that did what I wanted them to do. At the time, I made my living writing books, magazines and fundraising letters for televangelists, and I needed a specific list of features in a Bible program. I didn't find any that did what I wanted, so I programmed my own.

At some point during the programming, I realized other people would like the same features, so I offered iBible for sale and people loved it.

I haven't offered a new version of iBible since 2003, but people still use it and still send me e-mails about it. Since it hasn't been updated since then, I am now offering it for free while I mull over whether I want to update it. I have lots of ideas for a new version of iBible, but the reality is, it has stopped being such a personal project, and as such, I have lost a lot of my passion for programming it. The old version of iBible does everything I need, so until I need something else, I kind of lack motivation.

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