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I'm Away - IM status changer 1.5

I'm Away is a simple utility that helps you change your statuses in the most popular Instant Messengers on Mac with one click only.
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I'm Away is a system tool that can update your status in different IM programs. The application supports iChat, Messages, Skype and Adium. It runs on the menubar, from where you can access the app to change your connection status. This can be done by clicking on the status or using one of the preset keyboard hotkeys. The four available status settings are: Available, Away, Invisible and Offline.

There is a small wheel button in the bottom-right corner of the window that takes you to the options. From here, you can choose which applications you want to use with I'm Away. This is useful if you don't want to change your status in all your messengers. The hotkeys can also be changed here. I'm Away also has the ability to post on Twitter on your behalf. This is disabled by default, but you can turn the feature on in the Options window.

I tested I'm Away with Skype, the only messenger that I have on my Mac. Changes to the status were made instantly. I was amazed at how easy this was to do using the hotkeys. I was also able to change my Skype status with this app.

In conclusion, if you find yourself manually changing your IM statuses all the time, I'm Away will save you quite some time.

José Fernández
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