Hyperprism Gold

Hyperprism Gold 2.6

44 audio effect processing plug-ins for HyperEngine-AV
2.6 (See all)

Hyperprism is a suite of effects that can be "played" much like any musical instrument. It has been built for electronic music production, film/video, broadcast, and multimedia sound design. Its unique Blue Window interface concept makes it easy to control every effect parameter with a single mouse movement. Hyperprism Silver includes: Free: Auto Pan Band Pass, Band Reject, Flanger, High Pass, HyperVerb, Low Pass, More Stereo, Ring Modulator, Tremolo, Vibrato
Silver: Chorus, Compressor, Doppler, Echo, Frequency Shifter, Hall Reverb, Limiter, Multi Delay, Noise Generator, Phaser, Quasi Stereo, Single Delay, Sonic Decimator, Stereo Dynamics
Gold: Bass Maximizer, Dispersion, Double Chorus, EchoTranz, GranuDelay, Formant Pitch Shifter, Harmonic Exciter, High Shelf, HyperPhaser Inharmoniques, Low Shelf, MakkaDelay, M-S Matrix, Multi Phaser, Noise Gate, Parametric EQ, Spectral Distortion, Tube/Tape Saturator
What's new in this version:
Dispersion, GranuDelay, MakkaDelay, Inharmoniques and Spectral Distorsion effect processors

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