Hydra Pro - HDR Photography

Hydra Pro - HDR Photography 3.0

Application that allows you to create beautiful High Dynamic Range images.
3.3.4 (See all)

Hydra is an application that allows you to create beautiful High Dynamic Range images from a single RAW Image, or from several exposure shots. It is the easiest route to HDR images, it offers automatic alignment, ghost handling, tone mapping presets, batch processing, and lots of export options.

High Dynamic Range Photography deals with combining different exposures of the same scene to create a stunning final image, which is called an HDR image.

Take a series of regular photographs - some are underexposed and some are overexposed - either with a DSLR or a traditional point-and-shoot camera. Import these pictures into Hydra (up to 3 in the Express version, up to 7 in the Pro version), and let Hydra mix them. It will provide human eye-like perception to the output, the HDR image.

Hydra 3 was developed from the ground up to take advantages of the latest enhancements available in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. It includes the fullscreen mode, autosaving, and versioning, as well as automatic termination and restart.

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