Huygens Essential 4.0

Huygens Essential is an image processing software package.
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Huygens Essential is an image processing software package, part of the Huygens Software, tailored for deconvolution of microscopic images. Its wizard driven user interface guides you through the process of deconvolving microscopic images. Huygens Essential is able to deconvolve a wide variety of images ranging from 2D widefield (WF) images to 4D Multi Channel multi-photon confocal images. To facilitate comparison of raw and deconvolved data, or results from different deconvolution runs Huygens Essential is equipped with a dual 4D slicer tool. Powerful and fast renderers produce different representations of your data, not needing any special graphic card.
- Five stage guided DeConvolution procedure.
- Extensive Image parameter checking.
- Creates Image Histograms to spot problems due to saturation early on.
- Automatic estimation of the BackGround .
- Automatic Bleaching Effects correction.
- Automatic deconvolution of Time Series .
- Automatic correction for Spherical Aberration .
- Automatic Z-drift correction .
- Guides you along Multi Channel deconvolution.
- Thumbnail representation of images in progress.
- Standard up to 32 channels .
- You can measure, store and deconvolve using your own Point Spread Function (PSF).

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