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Hunting is a utility that lets you carry out searches on Twitter.
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Hunting is a utility that lets you carry out searches on Twitter. There are some users out there who are not on Twitter, but who want to stay updated on certain topics. I am one of those users. I certainly understand how useful Twitter is but I don't have a Twitter account because I already have other social networks to attend to. But I see lots of content on Twitter that you just can't find on Facebook, for example. Hunting lets you add search parameters for specific words or Twitter users. By default, it will carry out your searches every fifteen minutes and display all the relevant results on your menubar. You can click on the results to open the Twitter page in your browser and read the tweet.

Hunting works very similarly to an RSS feed. The application will take care of searching for matching content for you and display it in a clear manner when it finds something. You can add as many searches as you want from the Preferences window. On the menubar, you can mark items are read by holding your mouse pointer over them for a few seconds.

To sum up, Hunting does a great job of collecting content for you. I found the app a little awkward to navigate. My main problem was that sometimes after doing something on the menus (like marking items read or clicking on them) the menu would disappear and I would have to go up to the icon and click it again. This is not a big deal but it could be easily fixed.

José Fernández
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  • Very useful for users who don't have a Twitter account
  • Good search results


  • I found navigation awkward at times
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