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Hulu Desktop is a desktop app that allows you to browse
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Hulu Desktop is a desktop app that allows you to browse Hulu offers lots of video content to users in the US. It restricts content to all those outside the US because of licensing concerns. And Hulu Desktop will not let you bypass that restriction. With Hulu Desktop you can browse Hulu like you would from a web browser. Since this is a standalone app designed by Hulu, it should be more stable than your web browser when watching Hulu, it should be more responsive as well.

I think all of the features of are available on the desktop version. There are more features, too. I like the fact that you can use your remote control (if you have one), to control the desktop app. It just makes sense for an HTPC.

Hulu Desktop allows you to browse content quite easily. You can find TV shows or movies by sorting them alphabetically, or you can check out the most popular or the newest shows.

In my testing, I was able to start watching an episode of Lie to Me that had been aired the previous night quite instantly. It played well and it even had closed captioning enabled. Full-screen looked great and I experienced no stuttering or buffering during my time with it.

Hulu Desktop is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X, and it supports Apple remotes and Windows Media Center remotes. It also can be used with your mouse and keyboard.

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