HUDTube Video Player

HUDTube Video Player 1.6

HUDTube lets you watch outside the box!

HUDTube lets you watch outside the box! Drag & drop YouTube, Vimeo, or local clips into HUDTube and enjoy browser-free watching! You can even drag whole playlists from YouTube or create your own!
Have you ever wished you could watch your favourite videos from YouTube or Vimeo in a separate window, adjust it's size or just easily loop the video you really, really love without downloading it? We had the same dream and decided to make it come true. Now your wishes may come true too, with HUDTube.
It's easy to be free
HUDTube is simple, but it has all the stuff you need to really enjoy browser-free videos. You simply drag YouTube, Vimeo or local clips to HUDTube dock icon or its window, and it's done. But don't think that it's all to it. As your clips are now outside the box you can: loop your favorite music videos to watch them over and over again without jumping to browser's tab and clicking play every time the video ends, decide about the sound level (just use media keys to adjust volume up, down or mute the video), play with the size of the video's window and its opacity, leverage HUDTube's incredible memory and play previously watched clips with just one click - no more firing up your browser tab to search what you want to watch. Freedom is about making your own decisions
While HUDTube puts itself in your menu bar, which is super useful, as you can drag and drop there video's URL at any time, you can also put it in the dock, have HUDTube window always on top or let it run in the background (or minimized).
Why buy? to let your browser run uninterrupted and fast while watching tons of videos to keep your workflow uninterrupted while listening to conference videos to freely watch walkthrough videos for your favorite games to loop your current ear worm

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