Hot Simple Image Viewer 1.4

Allows viewing batches of various types of image files.
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Hot Simple Image Viewer is intended for viewing batches of image files. Luckily, it supports practically any popular type of picture format, including JPEG, GIF and PNG. The tool is meant to be simple: it just allows browsing the images contained in a given folder. Likewise, advancing through your pictures can be done by both the mouse and the keyboard.

By entering the tool’s settings, you can get help on the use of your keyboard for different functions. Thus, you can use the left and right arrow keys to move backward and forward respectively. Likewise, pressing the space bar is probably the best way to advance to the next picture. Similarly, pressing Enter toggles the full-screen view on and off, and clicking on the app’s window switches to the slideshow mode.

Compared with other tools, Hot Simple Image Viewer has multiple limitations. For instance, it does not support managing your pictures or using any form of organization, like tags. Regrettably, it does not even come with very basic editing functions either.

All in all, Hot Simple Image Viewer does nothing extraordinary. In fact, you can do something very similar by selecting the desired images and opening them with your system’s built-in Preview app. Considering this, it would be logical if you decided not to spend any money on this product.

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  • Supports practically any type of image files
  • Allows using both the keyboard and the mouse
  • Supports full-screen and slideshow modes


  • Does not support managing pictures
  • Does not allow organizing pictures
  • No basic editing functions


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