Hot Mouse Flower 1.2

Customizable virtual keyboard utility.
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Robert Bleeker
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Hot Mouse Flower is an Apple OS X 10.7+ customizable virtual keyboard utility.
The virtual key panel, the Flower, is triggered with a custom shortcut key and will appear in front of all application windows.
The virtual key panel is arranged in a flower pattern centered on the current cursor position, for quick access to any of the keys.
Clicking on a key will send that key to the fore-most application, simultaneously holding down one or more modifier keys will combine them with the clicked Flower key, this allows you to trigger multiple Hot Key combinations with the same single Hot Mouse Flower key.
The Flower will stay open so you can repeat click a key or several keys after each other.
Moving the cursor over the Exit zone will instantly hide the Flower, without the need of a mouse click.
Tapping the Escape key will also close the Flower.
* Keeps you hand on your mouse or track pad.
* Keeps your focus on the screen.
* Improves productivity.
The Preference window is where you can customize the Key Set and the Flower appearance.
Add and sort keys to the Flower via the left Key Set panel and tune the way the Flower looks with the settings on the right side.
Click the small gear button for the ability to delete keys from the Key Set.
Visually guide the Flower customization by clicking the Show Flower button, this helps with the Color, Transparency, Rotation and Center Radius adjustments.

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