Hospital Hustle 2.0

Get in on the hospital hijinks, diagnosing and treating outlandish outpatients in this energetic Time Management game!
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Hospital Hustle is a fun hospital management game. It looks a lot like the classic Theme Hospital, but instead of managing the whole hospital like you do in Theme Hospital, you control a single character, Sarah. The game presents you Sarah's story at the beginning of the game. She has just graduated from the nursery school and is having trouble finding a job. Finally she succeeds in gettting one.
Your duties are varied, and you get more and more responsibility after each level. On the first level, you only have to send patients to the diagnostic station and then to treat them with a doctor. Before the doctor can see a patient, you need to get him the patient chart, and after the help has been given to the patient, you need to clean the station. The process repeats with each patient. After the first few levels, you will really have to be fast to treat all your patients.

All in all, this is a fun game, and it is very simple. It boils down to carrying out repetitive tasks until a certain goal is met. You need to see a set number of patients each level and make money to buy new equipment. Hospital Hustle is a cool casual game that could really come in handy when you are in need to kill some time.

Game Invest, the game's developer, seems to have discontinued this game. It can be downloaded from several different websites. The cheapest publisher I could find is Big Fish Games.

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  • It looks nice
  • It is easy to play
  • Fun and addictive


  • It can get a little repetitive



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