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Home Remind is a new kind of reminder app which can be synced with your phone.
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Home Remind is a new kind of reminder app. You certainly use the reminders function of your iPhone or Mac. But the really important reminders get lost between all the others.
Home Remind works like this: You fill in your reminder. It will be synced through the Internet. On your Mac pops up one giant window with your reminder. You can't miss it.
When you turn your Mac on, your reminder literally jumps in your face.
You can set several reminders in Home Remind. Therefore you just set it the same way like before. On your Mac the new reminder will show in a new window above the old one.

You won't miss a thing.

This is the viewer app that you have to install on your Mac. You need Home Remind for iOS, too. So please buy it from the App Store.

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